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Truco Venezolano

The card game of Truco, the venezuelan version.

Truco Venezolano

Truco Venezolano APK

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Truco Venezolano Android game
This app developed byConectaGames
stars (Review)4.12 (1858)
Update DateAug 5, 2022
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Truco Venezolano is one of the most popular free card games in Venezuela. It is a multiplayer game for 2 or 4 players. Truco Venezolano is very similar to other versions of Truco from South America, such as Truco Uruguayo, Truco Argentino, Truco Paulista and Truco Mineiro.

🏆 Multiplayer game
🏆 Play live against real opponents, no robots
🏆 Free
🏆 Easy
🏆 Portrait and landscape orientation
🏆 User-friendly interface for mobile phones or tablets
🏆 Select the number of coins to play with
🏆 Welcome bonus and daily coins!
🏆 Play quick games
🏆 Weekly ranking
🏆 Look at your teammate's cards by tapping on their cards, it's similar to using the signals
🏆 Private (password) or public tables
🏆 Play against friends, Venezuelans or people from all over the world
🏆 Tech support online
🏆 Meet friends, Venezuelan people and connect with people
🏆 Chat with players or privately with your friends!
🏆 Mute people at the table
🏆 Search filters to find players
🏆 Play anonymously
🏆 Rules of the Venezuelan Truco in game
🏆 Customize deck, background and animation effects
🏆 Choose the language
🏆 Choose male or female voice
🏆 Play with "Ley o Sin Ley"
🏆 Audio adjustment and double click on/off option

This online Truco is a fun card game for Facebook and Mobile available for Android and iOS.

The objective of the game is to first reach a pre-agreed number of points. It is played with 40 Spanish cards without eights, nines or jokers. It can be played 1 against 1, or in 2 teams of 2 players. Each player is dealt 3 cards and a card is turned over, which is the “Vira”. The one who throws the highest card wins the hand, the best of three hands wins the round and the points that it is worth depend on the “cantos”, “toques” or “gritos” that have been agreed.

• Cantos: “Flor”, (“Flor Reservada”), “Contraflor al Resto”, “Con Flor Envido”. Toques: “Envido”, “Real Envido”, “Falta Envido”. Gritos: “Truco”, “Retruco” (worth 6 points if accepted), “Vale 9”, “Vale Partido”.

Value of the cards and their names (from lowest to highest value):
• Common: 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 1, 2, 3
• “Matas”: 7 of gold, 7 of swords, 1 of clubs, 1 of sword
• Pieces (“piezas”) or cards of the suit (“pinta”) of the vira (card that is turned over in each round and indicates the suit of the pieces): 10 of the suit of the vira (“Perica”), 11 of the suit of the turns (“Perico”)
• Values of the cards for the flor or envido: 11 of the vira is worth 30 points, 10 of the vira is worth 29 points. The rest of the cards are worth what their number indicates, except 10,11 and 12, which are worth 0. If the vira is a piece (10 or 11), the 12 of that suit takes the value of the piece that is found on the vira.

Play on your mobile or tablet wherever you are with the Truco Venezolano app from ConectaGames!

In addition to this free truco, ConectaGames has multiple card games, such as Chinchón, Truco Uruguayo, Truco Paulista & Truco Mineiro, Truco Argentino, Conga, Canasta, Tute, Tute Cabrero and many more for your enjoyment, check them out if you are interested!

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This new version has been optimized so that you can play in portrait mode. Bug fixes and improvements.

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