Meditation and mindfulness increase your well-being, calm the mind and sleep better

PuraMente: Mindfulness, Meditación, Sueño y Calma.

PuraMente: Mindfulness, Meditación, Sueño y Calma.

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Your path of well-being, serenity, fulfillment and happiness begins today.

Learning to meditate generates positive changes in your life, and in just a few minutes you will be able to calm your mind and connect with the most important moment: the present.

Mental fatigue is increasingly common in a hyper-connected world. Has it happened to you that at the end of the day you feel a very strong exhaustion, so intense that it prevents you from sleeping well?

Meditation will give you that fresh air that your mind needs to renew your energy and have the emotional tools to face any challenge.

From today you will enjoy more than 250 meditation sessions created 100% in Spanish. You will be advancing on your path hand in hand with the best references of meditation and mindfulness in the region, you will be surprised with new meditations every month.

More and more scientific evidence affirms that by meditating you can sleep better, improve concentration, reduce stress and anxiety, as well as develop empathy and compassion for the people around you.

In just a few minutes you will begin to experience the benefits. You will be surprised how simple it will be to meditate with Pure Mind.

Courses and meditations in the app:
- Free 10-day Introduction to Meditation Course Free
- Course to reduce stress based on mindfulness.
- Course to calm anxiety.
- To sleep better
- To improve concentration
- To manage emotions
- For work
- For personal development
- Learn to reduce stress.
- Assembling your Wellness plan and much more.

You will also have the possibility of meditating without a guide. It is a timer specialized in meditation so that you develop attention and the ability to stay in the present.

** Know the comments of our users: **

"Very nice it helps to pause and have a guide day by day. Thank you" - Carolina from Uruguay
"I had tried many apps but this is the first meditation that connects me." - Guille from Mexico

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By accessing Pura Mente Premium, you will have unlimited access to all sessions and courses in the app.

The subscription will be charged to your Google Play account when confirming your purchase and will be renewed automatically (every month or every year)

You will always have the possibility to cancel your subscription at any time you want without any additional cost. By entering our intro course you will be able to have access to your Free Mindfuless sessions in Spanish.

Current costs:
Monthly subscription $ 2.99 USD / month.
Annual subscription: $ 29.90 USD / year.

We are eager to discover together the path to your calmer and happier mind.
We wait for you in your first meditation.


Cambios y mejoras:

- Correcciones menores.
- Mejoras visuales.

Si te gustaría ayudar a que más personas descubran la meditación, la forma más sencilla es dejando una reseña en el Play Store. Te lo agradecemos mucho.

¿Tienes alguna otra sugerencia? Escríbenos a [email protected]

Muchas gracias por tu apoyo 🙏

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