Palmistry Course. 馃憢How to read the hand

Palmistry Course. 馃憢How to read the hand by Cerezo Rojo


"COURSE OF CHIROMANCE." How to read the hand. Meaning of the lines of the hand .

Palmistry is a very ancient technique, it has been practiced for thousands of years.

Learn all the steps to read the hand and its meaning .
Reading the hand is complex, but in this guide we give you some basic aspects:

The left hand reveals to us what destiny has in store for us since we are born .

Are you interested in learning how to read hand lines ?

The life line according to palmistry means :

. If it is short, it indicates that the person is more fragile and needs to be protected.
. If it is long and thick it indicates vitality and strength.
. If the life line is barely visible, you tend to be very nervous and should relax.
. If the life line is broken, it means a traumatic experience.

The head line :

- If the line is short, and ends near the center of the hand, you are a quick-thinking person and draw conclusions easily.
- If the line is long and straight, it says that you are a person who analyzes things early.
- If the line is divided in two, it is because you are someone sensitive.

The heart line :

. If it is straight and ends below the index finger, it indicates that you are a rational and analytical thinker.
. If the line is short, you are a freedom-loving person and often have trouble compromising. You tend to express love more with deeds than with words.
. If the line is short and curved, and ends below the base of the middle finger, it indicates shyness.
. If the line has two leads on the outer palm, it indicates a personal betrayal.
. If the heart line is divided, it indicates that you normally think of others before you.

Learn which hand is read and how you can read the hand yourself.

Find out how many children you are going to have according to palmistry or with easy hand reading.

Learn how to read the hand step by step and the meaning of palmistry with this free guide.

Palmistry studies the palm , to observe the shape, color, lines of the palm and the length of the fingers.

A seer can know about someone's destiny by reading the hands .

You have to be patient to get a correct and true meaning, when reading the hand through the lines of the palm.

Reading the lines of the hand is known by the name of palmistry.

Learn with the art of palmistry, how to read the lines of the hands quickly and interpret them , with simple steps.

Palmistry for beginners . Discover everything you need to know when starting to read hands from scratch.

Free hand reading and learn the meaning of the left hand lines online , by downloading this free application.

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