Dice Mate: 3D Dice Simulator

A physics-based, simple 3D dice rolling simulator.

Dice Mate: 3D Dice Simulator

Dice Mate: 3D Dice Simulator APK

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Roll and throw 7 different types of dice, specialized for tabletop RPG's. Achieve the feel and thrill of rolling real dice. The set of dice include a D4 pyramid, D6 cube, D8 octahedral, D10 deltohedron, a D12 dodecahedron, a D20 icosahedron, and a D100 deltohedron pair. With the simulator you can customize a hand of dice and throw them all at once, making it ideal for RPG's and games that may require more dice than you own. If you've ever forgotten your dice set, or just need an extra, this simulator can provide a suitable substitute to the real thing.
Thanks to the simulated physics throw - your dice rolls are non-deterministic. No random number generation, no behind-the-scenes calculations, just simple physics so you can always ensure a fair roll.

This app does not contain ads or in-app purchases. Features may be added in the future, however bug fixes will always be released as a priority.

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Fixed camera behavior to improve zoom, and overall ability to encompass the dice in the field.
Added a warning when spawning larger numbers of dice.
Added above-dice display for the value of a dice to improve overall visibility.
Fixed a mistake that caused the d100 to spawn two d100's, instead of a d100 and a d10
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