Holy Psalms - Advice from Faith (Sacred Bible)

Holy Psalms - Advice from Faith (Sacred Bible)

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With the "Holy Psalms - Advice from Faith" you access daily a Psalm chosen for the day, in addition to being able to search the Psalms by Theme or Necessity, and to mark as Favorite those that most identify.

This app contains all 150 psalms from the Bible, arranged in an easy and quick to use.

What are the Psalms?
Psalms (from the Greek Ψαλμός, Music, for the word that entitles many psalms in the Hebrew text is Mizmor מזמור, Musician) or Tehilim (from the Hebrew תהילים, Praises) is a book by Tanakh (being part of the writings or Ketuvim) and the Christian Bible , comes after the Book of Job, as it ends the sequence of historical books, and before the Book of Proverbs, starting the prophetic and poetic books in chronological order, being the first book to speak clearly about the Messiah (or Christ) and his reign , and the Last Judgment. It is the largest book in the entire Bible and consists of 150 (or 151 according to the Orthodox Church) prophetic songs and poems, which are the heart of the Old Testament, it is the great synthesis that brings together all the themes and styles of that part of the Bible, used by ancient Israel as a hymnbook in the Temple of Jerusalem, and today they are used as prayers or praises in Judaism, Christianity and also in Islam (the Koran in chapter 17, verse 82, refers to the psalms as "a balm"). Such a fact, common to the three Semitic monotheisms, is unparalleled, given that Jews, Christians and Muslims believe in the Psalms that were written in Hebrew, then translated into Greek and Latin.

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