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Flat Earth

A simple tool and easy to use for earth,sun/moon in a geocentric presentation.

Flat Earth

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Flat Earth Android app
This app developed byOProjects
stars (Review)4.62 (5619)
Update DateJan 22, 2023
Package Namecom.OProjects.FLS
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CategoryMaps & Navigation

Flat Earth is an application that display Sun, moon ,earth and 4 more celestial bodies real time at any date and time as in reality on a flat and simple geocentric presentation. The Application comes with many useful features including:

- Moon phases, sun and earth are rendered real time.

- Overhead positions for Sun, moon , Venus and 4 more celestial bodies at any given time instance.

- Accurate moon size calculations (Lunar Perigee and Apogee).

- Local and regular Compass, and directions for the current sky position for all the available celestial bodies.

- Altitude , azimuth and current zenith position are featured and easily accessible for all the available celestial bodies for any given time instant.

- The cycle of day and night and seasons for any particular time instant at a very high accuracy.

- Day light coverage visualization over earth for any particular time instant at a very high accuracy.

- Simple and user friendly interface.

- The rise and set times for any location on earth for all available celestial bodies.

- All time zones are included without the need to connect to the internet.

- Moon libration and Orientation at any date and time and at any location.

- Unique local weather forecast with a unique time controller.

- Precise Moon Size indicator (Lunar Perigee and Apogee) at any Time and Date.

- Unlimited Moon, Sun and Earth Data at ANY date and time.

- Lunar Events calendar for moon phases and moon size. Each Event is at a precise time and date for any given year.

- The ability to take and share a high resolution shot.

- Custom Notification at any date and time.

- You can run the app as a live wallpaper.

Once you start the application, you will be immediately informed about time, the current overhead position of the sun and moon, the current phase of the moon and more. With one touch you can rotate clockwise or counter clockwise to move time to the future or to the past and see where the sun/moon should be or how moon phase changes according to the change of time, or you can pick any date and time and get all of the relevant information of that date and time . Also you can set the app as a live wallpaper if you don't want to run the app every time, You can take a capture and save it on gallery or share it with a friend.

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- Tropic and equator Lines have been added when pressing the Declination indicator on top right.
- Now you can disable the sky dome.
- Minor tweaks and fixes.
- The size of the icon that shows your local direction on the map changes according to zoom level.
- Tweaks to the in app toast messages.
-Moon view tracking now shows the level of the visibility of the moon.


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