Disneyland Maps addon for MCPE

Three Disneyland Maps will immerse you in disney world

Disneyland Maps addon for MCPE

Disneyland Maps addon for MCPE APK

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Disneyland Maps addon includes: California Walt Disney World, Shanghai, and Tokyo Amusement Park and Water Park!
What are you waiting for, download the addon to dive into the magical kingdoms of Disney! 🎪

There is a place in Florida that not only children, but also adults dream about. Slides, water parks, pools and fountains - getting into a fabulous amusement park, everyone feels like the happiest person. These maps are dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the 1971 and 1975 Walt Disney World!

Shanghai Disneyland is the first and so far the only Walt Disney media empire park on the mainland of the Celestial Empire. The Chinese would not be themselves if they did not make a magical amusement park without records. Shanghai has the tallest Fairytale Castle, a water park, the largest garden area and a one-of-a-kind pirate-themed amusement park. In addition, the Shanghai Disneyland Park amusement park includes two hotels, shops, restaurants. In Disneyland Maps Addon you will find all the original park lands and Toy Story Land. 🎢

Third, but no less magical, will be a map that includes 2 Tokyo Disneyland amusement parks with all the land and work attractions and a water park! Only here the player can visit the hut of Robinson Crusoe, climbing the suspension bridge among the spreading branches of a 27-meter tree. Disney 's Indiana Jones-style roller coaster will impress anyone. In addition to the classic dead loops, the amusement park has stone idols, vines, cable cars, a water park, hidden caves with treasures and even a pirate ship "Pirates of the Caribbean".

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Three Disneyland Maps will immerse you in disney world
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