Fight Arena Online

Third-person fighting game (PvP, PvE, Challenges, Achievements).

Fight Arena Online

Fight Arena Online APK

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This game will make you a real fighter! Gather your friends, choose your character and upgrade their equipment and special attacks. Prove to everyone in the world that you are the best fighter. Online fights with other fighters, unique attacks for every character, combos, jumps and rolls, fireballs, frost spells and lightning. Complete the Challenges mode where you have to show your skills.

- Punches, kicks, combos, jumps, foot sweeps, super attacks.
- Baseball bats, Bo staff, daggers, spear, protective plates, and so on.
- Specials: fireballs and other magic.
- Online fights against other players (PvP) and against bots (PvE).
- Special tasks in Challenge mode.
- Various battle arenas.
- Achievements.
- Highscore tables.

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+ Fixed the chat.
+ Improved arena graphics (read below about performance!).
+ New game mode - Portals.
+ Bug fixes.
+ Added display of player ranks in fights.

If after this update, the game on your device began to slow down, then go to the settings and turn off the shadows. If this does not help, then reduce the quality of the graphics.
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