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COKOYAM Android app
This app developed byIsOn International Inc.
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Update DateNov 22, 2021
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Dear valuable customers,

First of all, our three main themes for IsOn International Inc. dba COKOYAM are "Love & Share," "Smart & Saving Shopping," and "Community Oriented."
We started this e-commerce business for college students and US soldiers who are far from their hometown. Since we already experienced stress and pain from a new environment, we want to help students and soldiers to adapt easily and comfortably. Moreover, their parents worry about their son and daughter since they are starting to live in a new place.
COKOYAM is founded as a special shopping website for Korean Community. We want to share our love and help others. We have sponsored outstanding Korean brands, so tons of items are waiting for you. We believe COKOYAM will be a great supporter of college students.
Let's enjoy college life and share the love!

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