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FinLock: Online Fraud Protection | Cyber Insurance

Get FinLock Mobile Security with Fraud Alert & Cyber Insurance for Online Frauds

FinLock: Online Fraud Protection | Cyber Insurance

FinLock: Online Fraud Protection | Cyber Insurance APK

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Stop worrying about Online Scams, Frauds, viruses, phishing or other malware while checking your emails, downloading files, shopping, banking, or simply browsing the web. Get Instant Protection from Online Frauds and take a step towards safer digital experience. Protect your financial identity from hackers, and rest assured you’re in safe hands with our AI-Powered Anti-Fraud Protection Services.
FinLock Online Fraud Alerts & Cyber Safety Mobile Security protects you against SMS Fraud, Phishing, Privacy-Invasive Apps, UPI, SIM Swap, OTP frauds & more.

How FinLock - Online Scam Prevention & Cyber Fraud Alerts Work?
FinLock monitors your online presence and detects Phishing Links, Fraud Messages, Dangerous Apps installed on your device with the help of Artificial Intelligence to prevent Cyber Frauds and protect your device from hackers. FinLock also provides you with a Real Time Analysis Report with your estimated Risk Score, that gives an indication of your vulnerability to fraudulent threats.
FinLock sends an alert and helps you to get notified immediately whenever fraudulent or suspicious activities are detected on your device. We also provide a summarized view of your transactions & send you email notifications everyday so you can quickly identify any suspicious transaction and report them to your bank at the right time.

Features of Finlock - Mobile Security with Cyber Insurance :
Fraud SMS Detection: FinLock detects any suspicious SMS so any fraudulent attempts to gain access to your financial information can be blocked.
Phishing Detector: Whenever you click on any fraudulent/malicious website link from an SMS/Email or manually enter on the browser, FinLock notifies you of any risk so that your data is in the safe hands.
Privacy App Scanner: We constantly monitor the Apps downloaded on your device, check if they have access to your private/confidential information and send an alert to you if they have the potential to exploit your privacy.
UPI Fraud Alert: FinLock helps you to monitor all UPI transactions so you can transact with legitimate merchants or individuals and avoid the risk of your money going into the wrong hands.
SIM/e-SIM Swap Fraud Alert: FinLock sends you an alert if it detects any attempt being made to upgrade your SIM to 4G or to e-SIM without your knowledge.
OTP Sharing alert: FinLock also prevents any attempts to hack your bank or digital wallet accounts by alerting you to not share OTP messages on call to unknown persons.
Financial Transaction Monitoring: We will give you visibility into your Credit Card, Debit Card and Netbanking transactions so you can monitor any fraudulent activity.
Service Provider Contact Database: We have developed a list of authorized customer care numbers of commonly used service providers, so you don’t fall prey to fraudsters posting fake numbers.
Cyber Insurance: FinLock provides cyber insurance to cover for the losses due to cyber frauds upto Rs. 1 Lakh.
Report frauds right away
Recently faced an online fraud? FinLock guides you through step-by-step instructions to report online frauds to your bank and cyber cell. Timely reporting can help recover any financial losses from frauds.
Contact Support with one click
Our friendly customer service agents are just a tap away using the in-app contact feature. If you incur any financial loss, we’ll help you resolve it with expert guidance and a dedicated case manager, all while being covered by our Online Fraud insurance up to Rs 1 lakh.

Download FinLock - Cyber Safety & Anti-Fraud Protection from Online Frauds
FinLock offers a subscription based service for advanced protection from Online Frauds & Cyber Insurance with a Free 30 Day Trial - No Credit Card Information Required.

For more details, please visit our website at

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Worried about online frauds? Introducing India’s first-ever fraud protection App!

* Get real-time fraud alerting for Fraudulent SMS, UPI Frauds, OTP Frauds, Malicious Apps and Phishing links
* Check your financial profile to identify any suspicious transactions.
* Report frauds to your bank and local Cyber Cell in a timely manner.
* Avail our Cyber Insurance benefit to cover financial losses upto Rs 1 Lakh.

In a nutshell, get complete Peace of Mind!
Email : [email protected]

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