FreeType - Bypass text filters & censorship

FreeType - Bypass text filters & censorship

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Type what you want, when you want.

In this day and age of everything being monitored and filtered, freedom of speech is fundamental.

FreeType allows you to bypass text filters & censorship by appending invisible control characters after each letter as you type.

For additional protection of your input, you can automatically replace Latin letters by equally looking Cyrillic letters or similarly looking diacritic letters.

For FreeType to work you need to enable the FreeType accessibility service in the Android accessibility settings.

Disclosure on the use of accessibility services:

• The accessibility service is used to detect when text is changed in text input fields shown on the screen ('View and control screen').
• The accessibility service is used to append invisible control characters to the text in text input fields ('View and perform actions').
• The app does not store, process or otherwise use any of the text that you type.
• The app does not obtain or collect any personal information.
• See the Privacy Policy for more information.

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Not all types of input fields are supported by the accessibility system. This depends on how an app implements its input fields. Apps or games using custom rendering engines may not be supported. Apps or servers may filter out invisible characters.

If you have a problem, question or suggestion feel free to send an email to [email protected]

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