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Digital Clock Live Wallpaper

Digital Clock App for the current date and time on your mobile home screen.

Digital Clock Live Wallpaper

Digital Clock Live Wallpaper APK

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Digital Clock Live Wallpaper Android app
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Update DateFeb 25, 2022
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This is a free live wallpaper with LED style digital clock. Digital Clock Live Wallpaper also display clock with date and day of the week. Multiple color combinations available for display clock at you home screen. You can set wallpaper as background of the digital clock. After adding wallpaper in the background of the clock you can move that clock at a particular desired location on the screen for adorable decoration of the mobile home screen.

Here we present digital clock live wallpaper, a beautiful analog & digital smart watch with a beautiful falling effects. We've designed this digital clock live wallpaper in a unique way like adding a battery percentile indicator. There are multiple clock wallpaper background in this digital clock widget. We've added a new stylish clock live wallpaper in the background. In this fun & cool app you would love to set this night clock wallpaper immediately.
You can choose from many types of digital clock live wallpaper from the setup menu. Night clock display on comes with a set of backgrounds to choose from your own image gallery. The position and size of the clock live wallpaper for lock screen can be changed and you can also turn on / off the battery level wp widget and calendar. You can use clock live wallpaper lock screen in your phone whenever you want.

A digital clock is a type of clock that displays the time digitally like numerals or other symbols, as opposed to an analog clock, where the time is indicated by the positions of rotating hands. Digital Clock Live Wallpaper is a highly customizable live wallpaper application, you can customize the following features:

Most digital clocks display the hour of the day in 24-hour format; in the United States and a few other countries, a commonly-used hour sequence option is a 12-hour format with some indication of AM or PM. Some timepieces, such as many digital watches, can be switched between 12-hour and 24-hour modes. To represent the time, most digital clocks use a seven-segment LED, VFD, or LCD for each of four digits. They generally also include other elements to indicate whether the time is AM or PM, whether or not an alarm is set, and so on.

Digital Clock Live Wallpaper Features:
* You can remove wallpaper anytime
* Always display can be off from the menu
* Digital Clock Color Effect
* This Give you clock background color choice
* Clock Neon Effect & Size
* You can also select your favorite background for your clock
* Color choice base make clock effective also color modification
* Date Format select different date formats for the digital clock
* Clock Position move the clock anywhere in the home screen and set as wallpaper
* Multiple Clock Style fonts including digital, LCD, LED, pixel and Classic

Digital Clock live wallpaper is a completely FREE application for daily use. It will be the cutest clock theme you have ever had. Among our apps you can also find the analog clock live wallpaper for an awesome experience with analog clock and smart watch too.

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