Cars for minecraft

Cars for minecraft

4.4 and up by rodix


Are you constantly looking for something to entertain yourself in the game? Do you like to add applications and minecraft mods to the game? Do you like a game with cool addons and mcpe mods? Excellent! Now you can have a lot of fun, but that's not all. After all, we will have on our account not only funny maps, but also very useful mods for mcpe for every player.

As soon as the player starts his game, he appears on a very huge map. And just moving around it takes an incredible amount of time. Therefore, players are always trying to find some kind of transport for minecraft in order to speed up their movement. After all, if you save your time, you can explore as many new territories as possible. But getting vehicles for minecraft in the game is not at all easy. You can get a boat or tame any animal. But do you want such a transport mod? We think not. Therefore, if the player knows the value of vehicle mods, he tries to add them as soon as possible. After all, with transport mods, you can increase the speed of travel or leave for mods car from annoying mobs. With our minecraft car mods, you no longer have to worry about walking to the right place. Here you can become the owner of a whole vehicle mod fleet by installing your car for minecraft mods. It's so nice when you have at your disposal not one cars for minecraft, but a whole inventory. These will be a variety of cars mod for minecraft. You can have a real sports car addon. Also, in addition to cars minecraft mod, gasoline will also appear in the game. After all, as you know, any cars for mcpe requires a timely refueling. Otherwise, your car for mcpe will remain somewhere in the middle of the biomes and you will have to get there on foot. Of course, in any of the car mod for minecraft, you can place a couple of cans of gasoline to refuel your cars addons. In general, a car addon for minecraft is a very cool decision. And driving for a cars mod for mcpe is very easy and you don't have to spend a lot of time to become a driving pro. But there will be a huge variety of impressions from driving your own cars mods minecraft! Some mcpe cars can fit several players at once, so you can take a friend with you on the journey. Or advise your friends to also chat with sports car mod and go on a journey with you. And also you can arrange races on your cars mods and have a very cool time, instead of mining blocks in mines.

This is an unofficial app. This app for minecraft maps and mcpe addons is not affiliated in any way with the owner of Mojang AB. The name, trademark and assets are the property of Mojang AB or their owner. All rights reserved in accordance with

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2021-06-04 07:26:29
Latest Version
4.4 and up
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4.4 and up
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