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Pizza - Crime Pizza

Make pizza for the Boss or Gino will punish you

Pizza - Crime Pizza

Pizza - Crime Pizza APK

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Pizza - Crime Pizza Android game
This app developed byDeriBOSStudio
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Update DateAug 3, 2022
Package Namecom.deribosstudio.criminal_pizza
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You arrived in a small town and opened your own pizzeria in the hope of becoming an honest and decent businessman. But we were surprised to find that the underworld does not leave you even in a pizzeria. In the city, among honest and decent pizza buyers, it turned out to be full of criminals, thieves, scammers and robbers. They are wanted by the police, but when ordering pizza, they come to you with their dark deeds. They try to sell you stolen items, trick you into taking your money, or steal it along with your property.
In the game, you have to serve customers and make pizza according to the order, sell coffee or ice cream in order to earn bucks to buy products from three different suppliers. For bucks, you can improve the hall and facade of your Pizzeria or choose a new car at a local car dealership. By your car you come to work in a Pizzeria, you can go to a bank, an inspection or a construction site.
You will make friends with some visitors and find that they grow up, fall in love (you will take part in their romance), they have children who then come to you for pizza and ice cream.
The game contains more than 100 characters, each with an individual character and habits.
There are 14 pizza toppings prepared in the kitchen. Pizza can be with oregano or pizza with salami. Eggplant pizza, ketchup pizza or cheese pizza. Hot Pepper Pizza and Sweet Pepper Pizza. Pizza with shrimp, pizza with mushrooms or pizza with onions. Pizza with tomatoes, pizza with ham or pizza with olives. Pizza can be with garlic and other products. Make pizza strictly on order, otherwise the buyer will refuse pizza. In addition to pizza, visitors order ice cream with chocolate, ice cream in waffle cups and strawberry ice cream. Many visitors want a cup of aromatic coffee instead of pizza.
Note that Crime Pizza is full of criminals who can take your in-game bucks, even those bought with real money, if you don't keep your bucks in the bank.
“Make the right pizza and everything will be fine with you,” says the mafia Bruno.

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