New year's New Year's fortune and monthly luck, money luck, business luck, compatibility, tarot, name solving, jami-dou-su, kimundungap, and dream interpretation are introduced.



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- App access permission notification
Required access rights (consent required)
Reason - This application is used by defining a phone number as your ID. This is to provide individual accessibility.

- Introduce
You can see the full horoscope for the year of construction in 2021 with the keynote.

If you sign up, you will receive (3000) Bokchae for free.
In addition, once a day (200) fortune-telling is provided at the time of login.
If you collect and use it, you can use it continuously.

- Main Content

- 2021 (New Year) Royal Tojeong Secret, 2020 Gyeongja Year Royal Tojeong Secret, 10-Year Fortune, 2021 Monthly Fortune
- 2021 Geumjeon Fortune, Constellation Fortune, Gwigok Seongsangwoon, Four Major Eight Keys, Solving the Four Keys, Dal Four Weeks
- Premium compatibility - Royal compatibility, scholar compatibility, commoner compatibility, age compatibility, age compatibility, star compatibility, moon compatibility, blood type compatibility, mobile phone compatibility
- Past Life, Dream Interpretation, Tarot, One Choice
- Name resolution - Korean name resolution, Chinese name resolution, name impression, Chinese name naming
- Main store, Turtle store, New store, Kimun Jungap store
- Fortune-telling of compositional mechanics, fortune-telling
- Real estate fortune-telling, biorhythm, blood type fortune-telling, fortune-telling by band
- Generation of mobile phone number for wish fulfillment, generation of lottery lucky number
- Various fortune-telling based on the number of words
- Various sources, commentary, and key essay essays

If you analyze the use of the gimun mascot, the main character, and the jami-dusu, you will be able to get a clever answer to the stuffy reality.
If you have any questions, please email us.

- Among members who have signed up for Gyeonmyeong Key, if the terminal has changed, you must re-register and register anew.
In this case, you may not be able to register because it is duplicated with the existing name, so please change the name to avoid duplication.
(Gyeonmyeongsaju) is the name of this application (App).

I hope that this application can be helpful in seeking comfort and vitality in life.

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