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EclipseVPN (Made for IRAN)

Secure, Unrestricted, High Speed Internet Access for Iranians inside Iran

EclipseVPN (Made for IRAN)

EclipseVPN (Made for IRAN) APK

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EclipseVPN (Made for IRAN) Android app
This app developed byEclipseVPN
stars (Review)4.52 (25119)
Update DateSep 22, 2022
Package Namecom.eclipse.EclipseVPN
Installations⇣ 75357

Eclipse VPN is made exclusively for Iranians inside Iran!
(It requires an Iranian IP address and will NOT operate anywhere else).

Tired of censorship, slow speeds, high prices, we created EclipseVPN to grant all Iranians inside Iran, what most all over the free world take for granted, uncensored access to the World Wide Web.

The app only works in Iran or with an Iranian IP address. This allows us to maintain a high level of operability and increased speed and bandwidth.

EclipseVPN is based on OpenVPN, one of the fastest and most secure VPN technologies, offering scalability and portability to most major operating systems. Operating at the TCP/IP level with AES 256 encryption makes OpenVPN the best choice to protect user’s browsing as well as other online applications, and protect users from monitoring and tracking while obscuring their true IP address and geographic location.

EclipseVPN is compatible with Android 5 and above and supports English and Farsi languages.

EclipseVPN uses "Internet Kill Switch” technology to ensure users’ true IP address and geographic location remains obscured at all times. This system continuously monitors the state of the user’s connection and in case of a change, like a VPN drop, it will protect the user by completely disconnecting the user’s connection to the Internet.

EclipseVPN also provides the capability to configure proxies on the app which significantly enhances the capabilities of the VPN app.

Eclipse VPN allows users to select which applications on their device can bypass the VPN tunnel.

EclispeVPNs Always ON feature leverages Android’s “Always ON” feature which further protects the user by ensuring the VPN is started and remains ON every time the device is started.

Block Connections Without VPN: Users of Android 8 and above can leverage Android’s “Block Connections Without VPN” feature which acts as a “Kill Switch” and protects the user by blocking connections in case the VPN tunnel is inadvertently disconnected. This feature is in addition to the “Kill Switch” feature incorporated into the VPN app.
Note: This feature is incompatible with Split-Tunneling.

EclipseVPN now supports Local Proxy Apps (i.e., Shdowsocks, Orbot, Proxy Tigle, etc.).

With EclipseVPN, the user has the option of starting the VPN either via the VPN app or the device settings menu.

We also invite you to join us on our Telegram Channel where you can ask questions and exchange ideas on EclipseVPN information and discuss, Internet news, filtering etc.

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- "Submit Bug Report"; allows users to report problems and request troubleshooting support.
- Social Media links added to Settings page.


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