US Citizenship Test: July 2021 Update

US Citizenship Test: July 2021 Update


We believe in helping people who want to help themselves. That's why we created this app, to help aspiring immigrants to get their foot in the door and start their new lives in the US.

This app will prepare you for the US citizenship test and interview questions.

This app is different from most of the popular apps in this genre because the other apps focus on testing using multiple choice questions, which don't really prepare the candidate for the test properly. This app uses a flash-card type approach which conditions the applicant to memorize the answer and better prepare them for the test

Just select your state and your voting district and dive into the questions.

Given that there are over 50 governors, 100 senators and 435 house representatives, the answers for the questions that relate to these individuals changes on a regular basis. We try to check and update this information every month to ensure that it is up-to-date

The app will not destroy your experience by popping up endlessly annoying ads. We follow a "license" model where the user watches a rewarded ad and is awarded a certain amount of time to use the ad. The process is transparent and the user knows what to expect

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