Status Saver for All Whatsapp

WhatsTool for WhatsApp,Business & GB Status Saver & Direct Chat to numbers

Status Saver for All Whatsapp

Status Saver for All Whatsapp APK

1.1.3 FreeEmpire Tech ⇣ Download APK ( 5.4M )

Status Saver for Whatsapp app lets you download photo images, GIF, Video of the new status feature of the Whatsapp App.

Ever thought about open chat without number in your contact list? Is it possible? YES! Presenting “WhatsTools: Status Saver, Direct Chat and Whatsapp web”, All-in-1 chat messenger app that facilitates you to direct chat with unknown, save WhatsApp status (Status Downloader App) & connect to whatsapp web on mobile.

✋ Stunning Features of Status Saver for WhatsApp:

✔ Send empty message to your friends & make them wonder,‘How did this happen?’😲
✔ Option for Group Messaging without creating a Broadcast List!
✔ With Universal Whatsapp saver 2022” (Status Downloader & Story Saver for WhatsApp) Download & Repost Videos, Images, & Gif uploaded by your friends!

🔷Open Chat with Anyone Without Saving Number

✌ Direct Chat in WhatsApp to Make Friends Online 💃

Easy to open chat without number saved in your phone! You can also Talk with stranger by using this Open Chat with Anyone option!

➺Open WhatsTools: WhatsApp Status Saver, Direct Chat and Cleaner App ➺ Click "Chat with New Number" ➺ Select the Country ➺ Enter Phone Number ➺ Start WhatsMe Direct Chat! (If the number is valid, then chat box will open, else you'll get a notification “Number Does Not Exist”)

✌ Send Invisible Text to Your Friends with Open Chat without Number👻

Whats Tools Open Chat without Number helps you to do a prank with your friends by sending a blank text on chat messenger app.

➺ Click "Chat with Blank Message" ➺ Enter numbers of blank characters ➺ Press "Send Message" ➺ Select the contacts ➺ Done!

✌ Send multiple messages with Open Chat without Number 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧

“Universal Whatsapp saver 2022”” is your helping hand for sending messages to multiple users. It allows you to send messages in bulk at once!

➺ Select "Direct Chat"
➺ Write the text
➺ Click "Send Message"
➺ Choose the contacts
➺ Group messaging done!

Easy, right?

🔶Universal Whatsapp saver 2022” - All-in-1 Status Saver for WhatsApp/Status Downloader

✌ Found an interesting status in someone’s WhatsApp story? Want to save it? Now Save WhatsApp status with this Status Downloader App - 'Universal Whatsapp saver 2022”' and save the Watsap videos, images, or gifs from your friend's status!

An easy User Interface makes this Story Saver for WhatsApp more compatible! Check out these simple steps:
➺ Click “WhatsApp or whatsApp Business or GB whatsApp”
➺ select Status
➺ Choose the Picture or Video that you want to download with this Status Downloader App!

Quick Highlights of Universal Whatsapp saver 2022

✎ WhatsMe Direct Chat in WhatsApp/Open Chat with Anyone
✎ Talk with stranger without saving number
✎ Send empty message to all your contacts
✎ Group Messaging with Direct Chat in WhatsApp
✎ WhatsApp Status Downloader App/Story Saver for WhatsApp
✎ Whatsapp web for mobile
✎ Whatsapp saver for whatsapp, whatsapp business, GB whatsapp and whatsapp web

Still here? Install Universal Whatsapp saver 2022 for WhatsApp, Whatsapp
web and WhatsMe Direct Chat App with Open Chat without Number saving in your phone. Get everything in one app!

"Universal Whatsapp saver 2022” is in no way affiliated with or sponsored by WhatsApp.

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Status Saver app is really easy to download any Whatsapps, GB whatsapp, Whatsapp web & WA Business image and video status with original resolution. Direct chat to unknown numbers and multi language.
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