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The financial services we use every day are complex and cumbersome.
Tier make it safe and easy to use customer payments without space and time constraints.

Tier offers you a simple, efficient, and safe way to settle your payments and purchases.
Paying at stores has never been easier, no need to pull out your wallet and look for the right card.
Pay everywhere you see Tier logo or the contactless payment symbol safe in the knowledge that Tier never shares your actual card number with the merchant, so your card information remains secure.
Tier App involves use of a QR Code as a convenient and fast way for you to transact within a minimal time, a QR code payment is a contactless payment method where payment is performed by scanning a merchants’ QR code using your mobile app to affect the transaction.
Tier is all about convenience and making your financial life simpler.
Leave the difficult and complicated stuff to Tier! All you have to do is use it easily and conveniently.
It is what we want to see that everyone creates a valuable payment flow in their daily lives.

[Core Services]
- P2P remittance
- Offline QR Payments
- Peer to peer transfers
- en-Cash charge through QR scanning
- Payment history
- Affiliate stores map through GPS
- Event push alram
- Local bank card registration

[Auxiliary Services]
- Geo-location
- Advertisements
- Promotional rewards / coupons
- Spending rewards (AUC or whatever else is decided)
- Bank card/account linking with payment systems

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