EZsalt 2.0

EZsalt 2.0

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NEVER RUN OUT OF SALT AGAIN- The EZsalt Sensor is a retrofittable, Wi-Fi enabled, Laser Ranging Sensor designed to fit inside any brine tank and monitor its salt level. The EZsalt Sensor 2.0 will ensure that you never forget about adding salt to your brine tank and it will notify you well before it’s too late. With our easy-to-use smartphone app you'll be able to customize your notification preferences and choose at what level you would like to receive low-salt-level alerts.
SAVE THOUSANDS BY KEEPING YOUR CURRENT SYSTEM- Water softener manufacturers want you to think the only way for you to have a W-Fi enabled water softener is to go and buy their expensive, brand-new system and then pay their technician another couple hundred dollars to hook it up. With an EZsalt Sensor, you can tell them to forget about it! The EZsalt Sensor will provide you every benefit that those big expensive systems would offer you for a FRACTION of the price and time needed to install it!
DESIGNED, TESTED, AND ASSEMBLED IN THE USA- The EZsalt Sensor 2.0 was created by our team of experienced product designers and engineers. Through meticulous iteration we improved the accuracy, durability, and ease of set up. We sent our prototypes to several of our customers to stress test and gather feedback on the new sensor. After several months of testing and improvements, we finally felt that the product we had worked so hard to develop was finally ready to present to the world.
INSTALLS IN MINUTES- We developed a 2-bolt design that allows you to face the EZsalt Sensor directly at your salt from the middle of the brine tank no matter what kind of lid your brine tank uses. Installing the sensor only requires you to drill two holes and takes about 5 minutes. The EZsalt Sensor is powered by a constant power supply provided by our 6ft micro USB cable included in our packaging so you never have to worry about replacing or charging batteries. Installation as EZ as possible!
PROLONG THE LIFE OF YOUR HOME AND APPLIANCES- Unfortunately, your water softener didn’t come with a personal assistant who reminds you every time you need to refill your salt. Forgetting about adding salt until it’s already too late will result in hard water filling your water heater, leaving you to deal with hard water for several days to come. Lame! With an EZsalt Sensor in your brine tank you'll protect yourself from ever letting this happen again. Your dishwasher will thank you.

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