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Flash Alerts Pro : Calls & SMS

Flash Alerts Pro : Calls & SMS

Ultimate Flash light alerts with super bright HD flashlight on incoming call/SMS

Flash Alerts Pro : Calls & SMS

Flash Alerts Pro : Calls & SMS APK

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Flash Alerts Pro : Calls & SMS
This app developed byExpensive Apps and Games
Update DateApr 13, 2022
Package Namecom.flashalerts4.logiconcallsms
Size file

Get instantly alerted when people are trying to contact you with Flash Alerts Pro: Blink Flash Alert on Call, SMS & Notifications. The perfect visual light aid when you cannot hear your phone or need to keep it on silent mode.

After each phone call, you will see a useful call information screen where you will be able to instantly adjust your flash alert notifications for future use.

You can choose to have flash alerts turned on or off individually for incoming calls, SMS text messages, and app notifications, and choose to have it active when the phone is in normal, silent, or vibration modes.

The customizable incoming call flash light notifications enable you to choose how long the LED flash for alerts is on and off, each time it flashes. You can also select how many times it flashes for SMS text messages.


Main Features of Flash Alerts Pro: Blink Flash Alert on Call, SMS & Notifications
* Blinking flashlight on incoming call & SMS
* Turn on the HD FlashLight
* Ultimate Flash Light blinking can be set for Normal, Silent ,Vibrate mode
* Flash Optimized
* Adjust the number of flashes
* Adjust the flash on and off time
* Adjust the delay interval between the number of flashes


This flashlight app is very productive for those who want to be smart because if you are in a meeting or busy somewhere or in a noisy place, this flash notification app will start blinking flash on incoming calls and sms and you will get notified.
You can turn on the flashlight in normal mode, or turn on flashlight in silent mode or turn on flashlight in vibrate mode.

Don’t wait up! Grab this opportunity and install the beautiful light app “Flash Alerts Pro: Blink Flash Alert on Call, SMS & Notifications

Devices Supported by this Flash Notification App
Devices with the following android versions are supported
* Android 3,4,5,6,6.0.1,7,8,9,10,11
* Almost 100% of android phones with flash hardware is supported

Permissions Required
* Camera access permission is required to turn on the flash, because the flash is associated with camera hardware , that's why camera permission is necessary to turn on flash light.
* Phone state permission is required to get the phone state when a call is coming or sms is coming. So when the call or sms comes,the phone will start blinking flash.

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