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Quran Pak 2021- Holy Quran Majeed القرآن الكريم

Quran Pak 2021- Holy Quran Majeed القرآن الكريم

1.4 This app developed by Radiant Islamic Apps


Quran Pak 2021 - Holy Quran Majeed Al Quran free Muslim reciting holy book is helping the Muslims in religious practices.Holy Quran 13 line reading and learning Holy Quran app is a reminder to remember Allah everywhere all the time. Al Quran Majeed Free - القرآن الكريم recitation is the only means to get soul peace and spirituality.Quran Pak 2021- Holy Quran Majeed Just for the fulfilling the task of Talawate HOLY QURAN 2021 - القرآن الكريم has maintained the flawless digital version of holy book القران المجيد to satisfy the urge of learning and inner satisfaction.The rules of compulsory elements of Quran Sharif are followed while synthesizing the paper content into Quran app android form, screen Real Quran pages Read Quran Pak HD Easily.

كتاب القران الكريم, and Namaz both are elementary aspects of true Muslim and this is the moment to appreciate the Al Quran-ul-Kareem developers who make it possible to offer prayer and open sacred book for God blessings. Holy Quran read offline with the modifications in reading patterns and styles, Koran al Hakeem reading pro bore different reading modes, القرآن الكريم the stable and steady words and readable standard fonts Real Quran page Read Holy Quran HD Easily. HOLY QURAN 2021 - القرآن الكريم responsibly has segregated the sections for all chapters, surahs and juz distinguish. In the morning and evening, from noon to night, Quranic words are always in your closet to guide the holy Quran.
Index Oriented and Enlisted Chapter
The super quality of Quran Pak 2021 - Holy Quran Majeed Is its well-prepared index and content list to highlight all the paras in order from 1-30. Al Quran Shareef real HD pages in Arabic include the separate category of 114 Surahs and Juz to persuade readers that they are entertained from all aspects and are always welcome to choose the easiest path for their recitation.
Resuming and Jumping on Page
Koran al Hakeem offline reading and learning is laden with all real patterns of paper Quran Shareef as it customized for resuming.القران الكريم Do start your learning lesson from the leaving point and do not search the whole Quran Shareef just save your time.Just get to the point too by “go to the page”. Enter the pg. No. And the respective content will be opened Holy Quran app.
Day & Night Mode
Holy Quran has Hence for comfortable reading environment and mood with Real Quran page, different modes are to be set for the day and night timings Quran Pak app. القران الكريم to avoid pinching light in the eyes select night mode that is dark like surrounding so no sharp light at night free Holy Quran Pak. Likewise, the bright vision of 13 lines At Koran ul Kareem.
All surah Holy Quran App helps you to build bookmarks file. القران المجيد can Add bookmarks to revise and reread Ayats, chapters, and Surahs. It can be arbitrary or orderly. For the direct reciting view of the chapter etc just click the bookmark icon and there will be all your mentioned bookmarks.
HD Real Page and font color
Arabic كتاب القران الكريم offline reciting compiled public app offers personalized page cover colored layer or page screen saver to generate a lightest and dim light effect Holy Quran Pak offline. Quran offline multiple color choice for page. القران الكريم for android is customized for reading assisting tools.
Bright and Designed HD Real Page and Calligraphy Themes
Holy Quran Pak For the variation in Real Quran page visions and layout themes. Many themes are provided to do Quran Pak offline talawat with innovations. Al QURAN Free Like any theme of page presentation and writing designs where you will find printed colorful Arabic Talawat.
13 lines, full-fledged Real Quran page Read Quran HD Easily.
Al Quran offline possesses complete 13 lines of Arabi, beautiful written words with standard font, eligible to read.
Turning off the page or moving to the next page is with a finger touch.


- Quran app bugs fixed.
- Quran Pak HD pages update.
- Quran Majeed in_app added.
- Quran Pak billing library updated.
- Ui/Ux improve
- Quran page Quality update.

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