Soul Deck Build RPG



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A full-scale RPG featuring dynamic pixel art animation and a hard-boiled story set in the present age!
While having a deep strategy, you can enjoy simple and exhilarating battles, training, dungeon exploration, and random enchantment item collection by operating your smartphone vertically!

·Supported language Japanese
・ Number of save slots: 3 (save to device)
・ Assumed scenario clearing time 14 to 20 hours
・ Replay element after clearing 50 hours to 100 hours or more

A modern world line that has made it possible to convert even the fictitious concept of the soul into data.
At the cost of this, people were threatened with life by suddenly appearing variants.
The protagonists are soul drivers, a device that digitizes the soul.
He was in charge of eliminating human-threatening variants, and was hit by a certain city ...

[System overview]
A soul bit (hand) that digitizes the power of the soul that goes to the gear (equipment)
Strike in combination like a deck.
It is possible to freely assemble special moves by combining them during battle and to deliver them continuously.
Unlike solo deck-build RPGs, it has a three-person party and dynamic strategy.
It features the actions of the characters with moving dot pictures.

■ Gear and Soul Bit
You can pull out the Soul Bit (hand) from the gear (equipment) and use it as an action during battle.
Depending on the combination of gears for the main weapon, sub weapon, armor, and accessories
The strategy (deck) is decided.

■ Arts
During the battle, only one soul bit can be selected on the first turn,
The number of soul bits that can be selected at once according to the opponent's weaknesses, guards and avoidances, buffs, and debuffs will increase.
You can activate the skill called Arts by combining the Soul Bits (hands) that you select at the same time.

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