FNF - friday night funkin music Guide

FNF - friday night funkin music Guide

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In friday night funkin music game addons Tips, each stage will be divided into each week from week 1 to week 6 and with the mod you will get new week 7 updates. Each week you will rap battle against different boss battle such as daddy dearest, the mom, pico, monster, senpai, also skid and pump. You can change your difficulty from easy to hard. It's cute you think you stand a chance. But hey, you know what they say? Girls dig confidence. Time to get freaky! Three, two, one, Go!!

The plot of friday night funkin music mobile game mod addon centers around our main protagonist, boyfriend (yes it's his real name from the begining), who trying to hook up with girlfriend and make her to be his real girl friend. But if you want her as your girlfriend, you're gonna have to go through girlfriend dad, an ex-rockstar named daddy dearest. Daddy dearest doesn't approve you so the only way to prove your worthy is by win a rap battle 1 vs 1 with her dad and anyone else that stand boyfriend's path so that, in the end, boyfriend can kiss his girlfriend.

The game has modes:
- Free Play: play along with songs with the difficulty selected
- Challenge: speed will increase with level of play.
- 2 Player: used to play with friends on the same device.

Beep bo bop!!! This friday night funkin music game mod Tips will help you to get all mod you can play. This mod Tips and new week consist of all popular fnf mod such as whitty, carol, hex, the clown and many more. This FNF addon helps you to get various version of fnf mods and can improve your gameplay. You can try the fnf bot Tips mode too. By the way, FNF is an indie rap battle rhythm based music game where you as the player need to press four directional button (left, right, up and down) in a sequence dictated on the screen in which your sense of rhythm will be challanged. Friday night funkin music mobile game mode will help you to play. Just tap them in the screen.

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