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Helene Business – Is Your Personal Business Manager, with everything you need to run your business in one place.

Whether you’re a Freelancer, an Agency, or a Business owner — Helene Business makes it super easy to have all your customer details, notes, invoices, earnings, and business expenses in one app — making it readily available to you at any given time and across multiple devices.

Customer Contact

- Add a new Customer from your phone’s contact or simply fill in their details
- Separate existing paying customers from leads ( potential customers )
- Find out where most of your customers are coming from
- See all information ( notes, invoices, etc ) relating to a client a glance
- Call or email them by tapping the call or email icon.


- Create beautiful invoices with your company logo and colors that best suit your brand
- Each invoice is billed to a specific client
- You can add multiple items to an invoice
- Add tax rate per invoice, and give a discount
- Give invoice to partial payment and update the invoice each time the client makes a new payment
- Payment history shows you all partial payment made with dates and remaining balance at every given point in time
- Invoices can be downloaded as a PDF or sent to the client via mail
- See a summary of your earnings in a month and the remaining balance
- Filter invoice by unpaid or simply choose to see all invoice for the month


- Track all personal or business expense with ease
- Categorise the type of expense with more than 50 different expense categories
- You can add a detailed description of an expense
- See a summary of all you expense for a given month up to 3 months

Business Logo Request

On request, we offer you a business logo for free. This is to archive or vision of inspiring businesses towards productivity.

Accessible Anywhere — even if you’re Offline

- You can access all your business information, customer details, notes, invoices, and expense reports, from any of your favorite devices
- All records are store on your device and automatically syncs with the cloud when you’re online

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