File Management Video/Music Player,BT Downloader

File Management Video/Music Player,BT Downloader


Convenient, powerful and easy-to-use file browser, suitable for Android models. Provide free, fast, and multiple functions. Support multiple file type downloads, BT downloads, torrent downloads, etc. The UI on the homepage is simple and easy to use.
Help you manage mobile phone memory, remote, cloud storage. Support a variety of common operations: open, search, browse directories, copy, paste, move, delete, rename, compress, decompress, download, bookmark, and organize. File Manager+ supports various media and common file formats including Android installation packages.

The main function:
Main memory: On your device memory, you can manage all files and folders
Ordinary download: All format files can be downloaded and played, such as mp4/mkv/rmvb/m3u8 and so on.
BT download: support magnetic download/torrent download/Torrent download and so on.
Smart file sniffing: can automatically sniff web files, various types of links, automatically recommend downloads, and support all sniff file downloads.
Image: Manage the stored pictures (multiple views). Support picture preview. Supported formats: bmp, gif, jpg, png, etc.
Music: Manage files in all music and sound formats. Supported formats: mp3, ogg, flac, m4p, wav, wma, etc.
Video: Manage all video files in storage. Supported formats: asf, avi, flv, mp4, mpeg, wmv, etc.
Document: Manage all documents in storage. Supported formats: doc, ppt, pdf, etc.
Application: View all applications downloaded in the main memory. Supports stopping or uninstalling applications. You can quickly clean up the cache files of the application. Moreover, it supports backing up the Android installation package.
New files: support to view files that have been downloaded or pasted in the main memory recently.

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2021-06-03 18:09:59
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