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The social circle is too small, don’t know how to meet new friends? Too boring alone, don't know what to play? Hotchat gives you considerate service!

Here you can meet interesting souls through voice&video and enrich your life. You can also chat with microphones by voice and video here, talk about your mood without worry, find friends, meet your social circle, download Hotchat, and experience a new online entertainment lifestyle together

You can experience the following functions in Hotchat:

【Voice &video chat】Chat through voice and video, interact with the microphone anytime, anywhere, make friends online, multiplayer games, and use voice and video to give you a different interactive experience.

【Voice control assembly】 A different auditory feast, a different entertainment experience, Yujie, Loli, Zhengtai, Uncle... all the characters you want to play with are available here, providing various voice services!

【Play and Chat】Play and chat, entertain and make friends, and find like-minded people.

【Dynamic Square】 Use pictures and sounds to record life, browse interesting sharing from friends, speak up as much as you want, and show your true self!

【Various types】 You can choose from a variety of play methods and games, and bid farewell to a person's life.

【Cool special effects】Hosted by Shangmai live broadcast, show your talents, satisfy your desire for expression, cool gift special effects, and enrich live broadcast effects!

【Safety guarantee】 Human voice interaction, absolutely real users, bid farewell to judging people by their appearances, throw away fake masks, and release the true self!

Hurry up and download Hotchat and interact with the little brothers and sisters. More exciting moments are waiting for you to experience together!

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