The best sponge escape from chungus neighbors party, plan the neighbor escape

Hello Sponge Neighbor Escape

Hello Sponge Neighbor Escape

1.0 by Home Town

There is a chungus party going on in the town. Disturb the sponge house neighbor and ruin the neighbor's party. The chungus family is sharing neighbor party with sponge family in the city town. Chungus has organized a party inside their sponge house to celebrate. The sponge house has started behaving mischief and decided to tease the neighbor escape.

In the start, the chungus are setting up the music battle inside the sponge house, this will let you know how to take a cake and throw it onto the sponge party neighbors. The neighbors will get angry and will try to come after you, run to your own house. Later on, the chungus started to dance inside the house disturbing the sponge again and again, you decided to hit them will water balls on the chungus neighbors. This will make the neighbors annoy and come after you. Just run out of the neighbor escape and hide into your house.

At the other end of neighbors, the chungus are inside their neighbor's room. Enter silently inside the room and put firecrackers in the room to scare the neighbor. The chungus and sponge party neighbors are having too loud music inside the house, find the acid bottle to throw onto their music player to end the sponge show. Run the neighbor escape and hide.

There are a lot of more sponge neighbor game levels to enjoy. So go and get the neighbors.


> Interesting levels
> High-quality graphics
> Gripping story

Download and enjoy.

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