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脱出ゲーム Sleepy Head

This year too, Santa Claus who is oversleeping ... What is the given mission ...! ??

脱出ゲーム Sleepy Head

脱出ゲーム Sleepy Head APK

1.0.0 FreeKansho ⇣ Download APK ( 88M )

This year too, Santa Claus who is oversleeping ...
I forgot the gimmick I set up myself, so it's hard!
Can you get out of the hut and complete the mission ...! ??

・ It will be an escape game that aims to escape by exploring and solving mysteries.
・ Even if you get stuck, if you look at the hints, you can find a clue to the solution.
・ Progress is automatically saved
・ You can write notes with "MEMO" at the top right of the screen.

[How to play]
The operation method is easy

・ Tap to move / investigate suspicious areas
・ Tap the arrow at the bottom of the screen to move / change the viewpoint
・ Tap the item icon to select it.
-Tap a place on the screen where an item can be used while the item is still selected.
・ You can enlarge the item icon by tapping it twice.
・ You can combine items by selecting and tapping another item while enlarging the item.
・ You may be able to disassemble the enlarged item by tapping it further.
・ You can see the hint from the HINT button on the upper right of the screen.

【supported language】

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