Idle Warrior Tales: Offline RPG Games AFK Battle

Idle Warrior Tales: Offline RPG Games AFK Battle


Are you looking for an AFK RPG game with idle leveling, many different skills, cool heroes, and crazy monsters?

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of endless adventure, boss battles, heaps of gold, rewards, equipment, and strategic choices.

Game for lovers of the AFK genre, offline gameplay. Your heroes themselves know which spell is better to use at the moment, allow them to make a choice themselves: heal an ally or impose a curse on a monster.

Explore the beauty of auto-battle. Upgrade your heroes' equipment in the forge and watch them crush hordes of enemies.

Lazy idle gameplay. You don't have to participate in all battles. The artificial intelligence of the heroes will amaze with its ingenuity!

Improve the skills of your heroes. Depending on the composition of opponents and complexity, you will need to choose the next skill wisely after the hero's level-up. What choice to make: pump healing skills or attack boost skill? An experienced strategist, how can you handle this choice with ease!

Fight hordes of monsters, pump your heroes to reach the end-game to get an epic reward!

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