Penguins can live and breed in severe cold climates.

Talking Penguin

Talking Penguin

1.0.1 This app developed by Talking Pet

Talk to the Talking Penguin. The cute penguin answers with his funny voice and reacts to what you say or your touch. Maybe you like penguin super, and want to keep one as a pet, but there is no breeding environment. Now we have Talking Penguin.

Penguins can live and breed in severe cold climates. On the land, it looks like a western gentleman in a tuxedo. It walked up, swayed, encountered danger, fell and climbed, and was embarrassed. But in the water, the penguin's short wings became a pair of powerful "paddles".

★ Talk to penguin and penguin will repeat after you.
★ Laugh out loud at penguin’s funny voice.
★ Share funny penguin picture with your friends.

★ Penguins swim in the sea.
★ Touch the penguin to make him happy.
★ Where is the small penguin, find it and play with you.
★ Let penguin to sleep.
★ Poke penguin's face, belly and feet.

Talking Penguin is a free game. Willing Talking Penguin accompany you to spend a happy time.If you like penguin, share them with your friends, your parents, lovers, oh we must ensure that they like penguin as you like them. Download now and start having fun with cute penguin pets!

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