Woolies Widget And List

Woolies Widget And List

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Add a widget on the home screen to watch prices of your favourite products in Woolworths. If you constantly buy the same products, why not wait until they become half price? Woolworths Widget And List app will help you. Choose any products on the built-in Woolworths website, the application will allow you to add them to the list. Create widgets on the home screen, and you will see everyday prices without a need to open any app. Easily resize the widget to fill the desired space on the screen. Discounted and half-price items will always be on the top. An automatic price update happens every 6 hours. Press the 'Refresh' button to update manually.

Adding Products To The List
You will need the Internet connection. Press the 'Browse' button. A Woolworths website will be opened. Use its 'Search' button and navigation controls to browse products. Click on the desired product name so it goes to the detailed description. 'Woolworths Widget And List' application will detect the product and the 'Add' button will be shown. Press the 'Add' button to include the product in the list.

Adding The Widget
Press and hold on an empty space on your home screen. A context menu will pop up. Tap 'Widgets'. You will see all of the available widgets. Press on the widget you'd like to add and drag to the home screen.

Configuring The Widget
Use checkboxes to select products that you want to include in the widget. Discount products are always on the top. However, you may change the widget size. Tap and hold until you see the resizing dots. Drag the widget sides until it is resized.

Other information
Whether you’re online or in-store, Woolworths Widget And List application makes shopping even easier. Don’t miss out specials and half-price products! Make a shopping list. You can search and add products to your list with the built-in website. Get the latest half-price specials from Woolworths for free. Build up your half-price shopping list and save you time and money. All data is updated every 6 hours. Browse weekly specials in the catalogue.

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