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Phone Master- faster & boost

Phone Master can solve phone freezes and remove cache garbage.

Phone Master- faster & boost

Phone Master- faster & boost APK

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Phone Master- faster & boost Android app
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stars (Review)4.34 (1781)
Update DateAug 5, 2022
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If your phone does not have enough memory space, runs slowly, consumes a lot of power, or gets hot after a long time of use, then you should use our Phone Master, which integrates clearing garbage, clearing cache, speeding up the phone, etc. One click of your phone will optimize efficiency with one click.
Download Phone Master now and you will have:
⭐️Garbage Cleaner
Phone Master performs accurate analysis of application cache and junk files for quick and safe removal. Free up storage space and improve device performance.
⭐️Power Saving
With Phone Master, you can analyze your device's battery usage and kill apps that drain your battery. Battery drain can be caused by apps that are no longer in use or apps that are running in the background. It allows you to close such apps and save battery power.
⭐️CPU Cooler
Continuously monitor temperature changes, detect applications that consume high CPU, and start the cooling process, effectively reducing the temperature of the phone. With a memory boost, it cools down Android devices as quickly as possible.
⭐️Easy to Use
Just tap the boost button to speed up your phone and keep your phone clean and fast.
All in all, using the Phone Master, users can complete functions such as clearing cache garbage, speeding up running speed, cooling CPU, extending battery life, etc., and our app is completely free and suitable for use, and the page will not arbitrarily collect users' personal privacy information, please use it with confidence.

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