Damage Indicator Mod

Damage Indicator Mod will show health. Damage Indicator - game will be easier!

Damage Indicator Mod

Damage Indicator Mod APK

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The Damage Indicator Mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition is an damage indicator addon that adds to the game Minecraft Pocket Edition, the life sensor or Heart Indicator Loss, with which the display of heart loss over opponents, mobs or animals will become better in MCPE Bedrock survival mode. Since in the game, you have more than one lifes, and mobs and animals are not reborn with the same souls, it will be useful for you because it will show health in the form of craft strips, and not hearts as it was before. This addon mod damage indicator addon belongs to the category of mods and addons that make MCPE Bedrock more optimized for combat, and more appropriate for survival mode.

In extremely difficult situations, with low health, the Damage Indicator Mod for Minecraft will be able to help you out, because when there is a fight in Minecraft Pocket Edition, in which you do not see the lifes of the enemy, it confuses you. But with this addon, this will not happen, since you will see the craft display of the mod damage indicator of all opponents, within a radius of 20+ blocks in survive mode.

The life sensor will allow you to be always ready, and save your life if it is in danger. Hearts above opponents are no longer relevant when there is a Damage Indicator Mod for Minecraft craft addon. Survival with him will become more calm and controlled in the MCPE game Bedrock. Have you ever used these mods? If yes, then let us know about it and share your opinion in survive mode.

But it is also possible to choose a different display of damage - hearts. Each blow you hit will knock down a piece of the heart, which shows the mod damage indicator. Damage Indicator addon that belongs to the line of mods / addons that make lifes and health more fulfilling in the MCPE world survive mode.

If you are a frequent user of addons from our series of mods and addons, then you can share with us your impressions of our addons and indicate all the pros and cons of our addons. We are trying to keep in touch between our regular users.

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