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Witco - Make the work flow

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Witco - Make the work flow

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Witco - Make the work flow Android app
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Update DateSep 22, 2022
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Tap in. Lights on. Coffee on. AC up. A lot goes into creating an environment for people to do their best work. Witco eliminates the friction that breaks up your flow, smoothing over every detail to enhance workplace productivity and well-being. From meeting to seating, attendance to experience, Witco exudes effortless ease with a seamless fluidity that permeates every area of a modern business.

Witco is the workplace management app that centralizes all the services that admins and users need to do their best work:

Space management: desk & meeting room booking, office map.

Hybrid work: hybrid work rules, attendance declaration & registers.

Data for decision making: resource usage data, satisfaction surveys.

Community: events, social polls, forum, marketplace

Lifestyle services: concierge, wellness, fitness, catering, mobility

Smart services: incidents, visitor management

Internal communication: photo organizational chart, newsfeed, useful documents & contacts

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