Logic puzzles game that you won't stop playing. The best bubble game. Antistress

Bubble Puzzle: Classic block puzzle with bubbles

Bubble Puzzle: Classic block puzzle with bubbles

Varies with device by Monkey Games Labs

Welcome to Bubble Puzzle, the new game from Monkey Games Labs, a classic Block Puzzle but with bubbles!

The game consists of dragging and dropping the bubble block shapes on a 10x10 board, if you manage to complete lines of bubbles horizontally or vertically the bubbles will explode and you will have more space to continue playing.

The bubble game will end if there is no room on the board for the given bubble puzzle shape. Bubble puzzle shape CANNOT be rotated.

This classic bubble game is the only one with 5 levels of challenges.

1. Classic, play relaxed without pressure, the classic block puzzle but with bubbles
2. Bomb, make the bombs explode forming lines of bubbles but be careful! you have few movements
3. Time, do not fall asleep that this level challenges your mental speed
4. Advance, play with bubble block shapes that are harder to fit
5. Challenge, in this level you have to be very attentive, you have a combination of the 4 previous levels. Only for expert block puzzle players!

A great antistress game for all ages.

If you are looking for the best puzzles or bubble games, Bubble Puzzle is your game.

Release the bubble blocks shapes to create vertical or horizontal lines without gaps. When such a line is created, it is destroyed. Keep your board clean and stay calm in this antistress game!

You have to think carefully before arranging the bubble blocks shape. Pick a good position for each bubble block depending on its shape. It's a really simple free puzzle game to enjoy in your spare time. You will not be able to stop playing this classic block puzzle but with bubbles!

Bubble Puzzle Features

* Simple and easy to learn interface
* Colorful design, music and antistress sounds
* Beat your best scores
* 5 different levels that challenge your wits
* You can play offline
* For all ages

Enjoy this great bubble puzzle game with your family.

Bubble Puzzle is created for you to spend time improving your mental skills, it is one of the best bubble games.

A great antistress game for all ages.

Have fun with this classic Block Puzzle but with bubbles!

Thank you so much to everyone who plays Bubble Puzzle!



Bubble Puzzle v1.0.4
Fixed small bugs

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September 17, 2021
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