Riyaz Mentor - Grow Your Brand As A Music Teacher

Riyaz Mentor - Grow Your Brand As A Music Teacher

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Riyaz Mentor is an app built exclusively for independent music teachers to elevate their music teaching experience, increase their earning potential and build their personal brand. With Riyaz Mentor, your will be able to:

⭐ Monitor the practice sessions of your music students remotely and correct their mistakes instantly
⭐ Amplify your reach as a music teacher and get new students from our 2 million+ community of self-learners from across the globe
⭐ Earn more every time a Riyaz self-learner subscribes to any of your practice lessons

Join the Riyaz community of independent music teachers at zero cost and get access to exclusive features that will help you build your personal brand.

How it works?

🎼 Monitor Music Practice Sessions
When your students practice the lessons shared by you on Riyaz Mentor, our proprietary technology precisely identifies the mistakes they made as compared to your lesson.

The mistakes are summarised to you every day so that you can course-correct them remotely via our easy-to-use chat and voice messaging interface.

Features include:
- Shruti setting
- Chat & Voice Messaging Interface
- Creating student batches
- Looping feature

💸 Earn Additional Income Via Subscriptions
You have the option of making all the practice lessons that you upload public. By doing this, you allow our 2 million+ self-learners to subscribe to your lessons. And you earn a commission with each and every subscription!

Over time, your lessons and modules will be curated by us so that you can generate compounding added income in the form of subscriptions.

Get access to 2 million+ potential students
We receive endless requests from our self-learners asking us to connect them to great mentors. When you join the Riyaz community of mentors, you open up the possibility of getting connected to new students not just from India but from across the globe.

Download the Riyaz Mentor App and elevate your brand as an independent music teacher. Register as a mentor, invite your students, and start delivering a whole new music learning experience for them.

If you have questions, suggestions, or feedback please write to us at feedback [at] riyazapp [dot] com

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