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Bejaan Traffic Bangalore Fines

Bangalore Traffic Check Fines - Violation Challan fine details with photo.

Bejaan Traffic Bangalore Fines

Bejaan Traffic Bangalore Fines APK

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Bejaan Traffic Bangalore Fines Android app
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Update DateNov 24, 2022
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Bejaan Traffic - Best traffic fines checking app for Bangalore with photos and simple UI.

Simple App to check your traffic violation fines in Bangalore for FREE.

Newly launched feature: Check Bangalore traffic fines with photo proof.

This app checks fines for any vehicle in Bangalore that has KA registration number.

1. Push Notification/Alerts: Now enable push notifications for new violations.
You can now get push notifications whenever a new fine is added on your vehicle. Just enable toggle in the violation list page.
Whenever there is a new fine added, or whenever your fines are cleared, Bejaan Traffic Fines app will send you a push notification.
2. Pay Online
Added new Pay button on Violations page which will take you to payments page.

How to use:
1. Download the free Bejaan Traffic Bangalore fine checking app
2. Enter the registration number of your vehicle
3. See the list of violations by clicking on submit button
4. Optionally, if digitab violation photos are available, then you can see violation photos as well.

How to Check Traffic Fines in Bangalore with Details? - Bangalore City Traffic Police Fine Check
Bejaan Traffic app helps you list down all the traffic violations for a given car/bike or any vehicle that has a Karnataka registration number.

Below are the step you can follow to check your vehicle fines in Bangalore
1. Download the simple app Bejaan Traffic from Play Store for free.
2. Enter your vehicle number in the text field provided.
3. Get your Bangalore vehicle fine status instantly.

The traffic fine checker app shows all the details about your vehicle's pending dues. Bejaan Traffic also display violation proof photos now.

If you are looking for traffic fines checking app with photo, then you have come to the right place.

If you have Bangalore traffic fines to check, Bejaan Traffic fine checking app will instantly give you results.

Major features and benefits
1. Banglore traffic fine app is very fast and reliable for traffic case checking.
2. The traffic violation list includes signal jump, wrong parking, not wearing helmet, defective number plate etc.
3. The Bangalore traffic police have started to upload images of violations and we have integrated photos in Bejaan Traffic App. Please note that sometimes there are no photos associated with a violation. This can be due to traffic police not able to take photos. Photos were not shown before, but with recent update, Bejaan Traffic is a traffic fines checking app with photo.
4. The images may be clicked by traffic police at any place like traffic signal, main roads etc.
5. Please follow traffic rules. We will add traffic rules and regulations in a further update. Stay tuned.
6. This Bejaan Traffic app is also used as Banglore traffic challan fine checker for older violations and challans. You can check the details of old violations and pay the fine online.
7. This is the only app that helps you check bangalore traffic fines with photo along with regular push notifications on new violations.
8. Whenever you are stopped by police, you can open this traffic fine checker app to see if you have any pending fines to pay. If so, you can pay your fine directly to the policemen and collect the receipt.
9. This app can be used for both 2-wheeler and 4-wheeler vehicles. Use this for bike case checking and car case checking.
10. For any wrong fines, you can download rto fine checking app and register your complaint there or directly contact them on twitter.
11. Once you have paid for your traffic ticket, it may take two weeks to reflect in the app. Please wait patiently.
12. This app only shows data for karnataka traffic police fines.
13. The Bangalore traffic police is there for our own safety. Follow rules for save travel.

This is not a traffic police app. We are not associated with the Bangalore Traffic Police in any way.

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