Offroad 4x4 Game

Offroad 4x4 Game


Get ready to experience the most exciting off-road game of the decade; this is your chance to drive the monster jeep, 4x4 double engine off road Russian jeep and American turbo offroad jeep. Drive around the barren roads of ghost city, drift in sandy dunes and roam across hilly areas, experience the uniqueness and cutting edge graphics. This offroad jeep 2020 is going to take you to the journey of most exciting offroad experience. This Offroad jeep simulator has all the top quality offroad vehicles; it comes with most detailed and up to date graphics which will make you feel like playing in real world. Drive your favourite offroad jeep on challenging and thrilling routes, up your drifting skills, learn to handle the jeep while driving on steep and through fast moving water streams.
Buckle up and sit tight cause this offroad is going to change the world of offroad gaming, offroad jeep driving simulator has more than 65 off road tracks and routes for our off road lovers, each route has its own uniqueness and hidden short cuts, the more you play the more you will get to know about the hidden places, earn more points, the point will help in getting more cars and to install different new equipments like turbo cylinder and many more feature, customize jeep accordance to your own desire, selection of tyres and engine is very important before jumping into the game, each routes demands different engine and tyres quality, remember this is not just a off road game this game is designed in such a way to test the driving skills as well as the customization skills of offroad drivers. 65 routes and 30 plus offroad missions, race against one of the top notch offroad drivers, check your driving skills and compete against on and off line player drive on hilly tracks, use proper brakes on steep muddy barren roads
In order to provide a realistic experience, this game is developed while keeping deep eyes on physics rules, the tyres pressure will change according to the load, suspension of the jeep will operate as the condition of road changes, the damage on jeep due to accident or hit will occur like in real world, the sound effect will double your experience of off road gaming moreover the weather effect is also added to test offroader skills during different harsh and pleasant weather condition. Offroader this game demand pace, be as fast as you can specially during time hunt missions, the more fast you complete the offroad mission the more point you will earn
Climb the highest mountain, drive fearlessly on bumpy barren muddy tracks, press hard the accelerator while crossing fast moving streams, drive across ghost hunting towns, compete against one of the top notch players of the world in online mode, the realistic environment, best steering quality, top quality sound effects and real world physics of damaging and suspension handling of off-road jeep is going to kick so much adrenaline that you will become the addict of this game in no time,
so what are you waiting for, hit the install buttons and start playing.

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