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Plant Kingdom - Rise Of Zombie

Merge plants, lead your frontier army. Fight and prevent the zombie revolution

Plant Kingdom - Rise Of Zombie

Plant Kingdom - Rise Of Zombie APK

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Plant Kingdom - Rise Of Zombie Android game
This app developed byCSCMobi Publishing
stars (Review)3 (20)
Update DateNov 24, 2022
Package Namecom.plant.zombie.merge.plantkingdom
Installations⇣ 60

💥💥Warning! The city’s nightmare is coming. Our farm is being attacked by the irritated and non-stop zombie squads. Build your powerful frontier plant army, join the battle and defend against the invaders. Let’s save the farm and be our hero!

Plant Kingdom - Rise Of Zombie is an idle zombie game with various colorful battle stages. You will have a chance to drown in the speed-merge wars but with your own tactics and the fusion army.

🌻Being a Merge Plant Master!
To fight against the evil boss revolution, merge the same-level plants and flowers to continuously create new genetically modified warriors with evolved features.

🌻Final Goal: Defend your farmland
Be focused on the battle, quickly merge plants and set effective strategies for each level by moving them to different spots on the map. Remember: The enemies would never stop until they get you!

🌻Relaxing game to enjoy and simple to play
This is an idle, relaxing, merge game, you don’t have to do anything but watch your army defeat the zombies, you can accumulate a stack of coins and items even when you’re offline.

🌵Expand as many soil spots as possible
🌵Merge the same-level plants to unlock new dynamic ones
🌵Move the plants tactically around the land
🌵Use Angry Boost to strengthen and speed up your plants
🌵Shoot all the enemies down before they get you

💡Use “Auto Merge” to avoid manually merging plants
💡Prepare your defenders and set the strategies before fighting the undead

Now, grow your plants, lead your army and defeat the coming zombies.

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