Fishing Voyage

Fishing Voyage

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Let’s travel the world and go fishing from your home.
With Fishing Voyage, you will have the most realistic and exciting fishing experience.

Hundreds of different fish species
As a beginner fisherman, you will be catching regular fish like Trout, Carp, Bass, and Catfish.
But as you level up, you catch a monster like Giant Bass, Salmon, Tuna, and Shark.

Pack light and simple
Say bye to heavy tackle boxes and rods! And no need to dirty your hands by hooking baits!
Just enter the game and choose where and what you. Simply using one finger, you will hook the fish and reel them in! It’s that simple!

We can do both
Do you want to relax? Or do you want some competition? Don’t worry, Fishing Voyage got you covered.
You can enjoy the fantastic view from your boat and chill by playing single mode. Try fishing comfortably while listening to the calming sound of the waves and water.
Or you can also compete with other anglers from all over the world by joining a competitive PVP fishing battle or other ranking events such as Masters and Rush

Travel worldwide
Freshwater or saltwater, Fishing Voyage will take you on an exciting journey.
But most importantly, you will travel to different continents and countries around the world!
Visit river, ponds, beach, or ocean in Spain, Italy, Brazil, Vietnam….and the list goes on!
Let’s see what you catch in each of those beautiful and realistic fisheries.

Go fishing every day
Take the advantage of daily rewards and unlimited offers every day!
And get a greater reward by participating in our daily live events! I promise you, there will be no time to be bored!

Remember, Fishing Voyage is a free fishing game for fish nerds and everyone!
DOWNLOAD NOW and play against other anglers and see who the fishing champion is!

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Need some help?
Contact our technical support team
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Check out our other games such as Minigolf King, Golf King, Archery King, or Bowling King!

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