Bloom Dolls Opening Game! Bigger Surprise Unboxing

Bloom Dolls Opening Game! Bigger Surprise Unboxing


Another addition to surprise doll opening games with more excitement for your unboxing therapy! Scratch, Water, Bloom! This is the new DIY Bloom doll opening playset with exciting surprises. Unbox the more than 50+ surprises in this new & unique surprise under wraps doll opening experience. You can start by scratching the wraps, you’ll see a spinner. After you’ve found your watering can fill with water for a bigger surprise. Use the mystery glass to look for codes to reveal & open the under wraps compartment. Once the button turns green the watering can will sprinkle the water above your pot. Don’t stop until the doll fully BLOOMS, so reveal now for amazing surprise candylicious fashion doll with 20 surprises. One the right side you’ll find some clothes and shoes and on the left you’ll find to dolls hand bag. DIY Dress Candylicious in her fierce fashions and fabulous accessories. Don’t forget to collect all five! And one bonus zombie surprise doll

✿ How do you unbox to See who Blooms? Try collecting all five with more than 100+ surprises!

Just add water & sparkly magic potions and like magic, a new friend will Bloom Before your eyes!

✿ Use spy glass and mystery code to unwrap all.
✿ First time introducing surprise doll zombie for everyone who love some extra zombie adventure.
✿ Dress up your dolls & style their styling head with one of the biggest collection of glittery, sparkly rainbow unicorn hair dos.
✿ A collection of dolls, fashions, shoes, shoebox, accessories, hat box, purse, hair brush, Garment bags, doll stand and reusable package Playset.
✿ Different compartments containing different styling head doll bigger surprises to satisfy your hairvibes to meet your new hair goals.
✿ Increase in difficulty with every level with bigger surprises so you won’t get bored.
✿ Bright colors and user friendly graphics.
The first unwrap is easy to open but do you have the skills to open them all? Download and give yourself a challenge. Collect all amazing and cute five dolls. Forget the boxes and surprise ball move on with these bloom dolls surprise. Discover the amazing accessories dress up your dolls and make your own style statement. Do you have what it takes to unravel all?

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