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Walkie Talkie- Push to Talk

Talk with your friends as much time you want by using this app.

Walkie Talkie- Push to Talk

Walkie Talkie- Push to Talk APK

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Walkie Talkie is an app that allows the user to talk to his friends by means of a Bluetooth or wifi connection easily. You can talk with your friends by using walkie talkie. Walkie talkie provides a two-way audio transmission to the user to talk with his friends. Walkie talkie provides high-quality transmission between two or multiple devices. The sound quality provided by walkie talkie is very high.
Walkie Talkie has been equipped with a very fast scanner. It can easily scan any active devices in its range and shows them to the user in only a small matter of time. The user can easily connect to the scanned devices and talk to them while using Walkie Talkie.
Walkie talkie allows you to connect with any device you want for connection purposes by wi-fi. You can connect with the device connected to the same wi-fi or hotspot.
Walkie Talkie provides the Push-to-talk (PTT) service to its users. When the connection is established between two devices, one user can push the microphone button on his device to talk and same goes for the user on the other side of the connection. While using walkie talkie, you can talk with your friends as much as you want by the push-to-talk (PTT) service.
Walkie Talkie also provides the feature of audio recording. You can record your conversation with others by the audio recording feature while using walkie talkie. The audio recorded is of very high-quality and it is stored in the device’s storage, from where the user can access it easily.
Walkie Talkie provides the feature of talking with each other through frequency mode. You can set the frequency of your device and your family or friends can connect with your device and talk with you by entering your device’s frequency.
Walkie Talkie works offline. You just need to scan the device and connect with it. After connecting with the device, you can talk as much as you want by using walkie talkie completely offline. Walkie talkie provides an amazing user-friendly interface along side its offline working makes this an awesome app for communication purposes.
Key Features:
Walkie Talkie provides high-quality voice transmission between both the devices.
Walkie talkie provides frequency feature to connect by entering the frequency.
Walkie Talkie also provides the feature of high-quality voice recording.
Two-way audio transmission is provided by walkie talkie.
Walkie talkie provides push-to-talk (PTT) feature for communication purposes.
Walkie talkie works over the internet also. You can connect to multiple devices by using wi-fi.
Walkie talkie works completely offline and does not consume any device resource.
Walkie talkie enables a device to connect to multiple devices at the same time.
Storage: Required to store the recorded voice recordings on the device storage.
Bluetooth: Required to make Bluetooth connection between the devices.
Audio Recording: Required to record your audio conversations.
So, please give is your feedback regarding this useful utility app that helps the user navigate to any location offline, and we will do our best to remove any kind of errors reported and make this app run smoothly for all the users.

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