特力愛家卡 APP 整合特力屋、HOLA 特力和樂相關會員服務於單一平台,使會員權益更透明、服務更好找。為了讓您在特力愛家卡 APP 有更安全之使用環境,我們僅支援 Android 6.0 或是以上之系統 ,敬請更新您手機的作業系統, 以享有更安全的作業環境。

有了特力愛家卡,您可以輕鬆享受 :

• 隨行會員卡:

• APP內購物:

• 多元付款:
信用卡、ATM轉帳、超商付款、門市付款、多元支付 (Line Pay…等) 輕鬆支付安全又便利

• VIP 等級:
查詢您在特力屋、 HOLA 特力和樂的 VIP 等級,及專屬禮物及優惠

• 優惠管理:
不想錯過優惠又擔心被滿坑滿谷的訊息淹沒嗎?別擔心! 依照您的指示,我們只說您想知道的!

• 票券隨行:

• 紅利查詢:
不知道有多少紅利點數? 不知道點數可以怎麼用? 一眼就知道!

• 條碼掃描器:

• 喜愛商品輕鬆收藏:
將喜愛商品加入自訂的收藏清單,廚房用、客廳用… 自己的商品自己分類! 到賣場也能快速撿貨好省時!

• 一鍵分享:
想跟親朋好友分享心頭好嗎? 收藏清單跟商品都能一鍵分享好簡單!

• 門市查詢:

• 消費查詢:

Teli Aijia Card APP integrates Teli House, HOLA and related members to serve a single platform, making member rights more transparent and better service. In order to let you have a safer environment for the use of the Tellus card, we only support Android 6.0 or above. Please update your mobile phone operating system to enjoy a safer working environment.

With the special love card, you can easily enjoy:

• Accompanying membership card:
One-click display of the membership card sensor bar code, the capital does not leak, checkout is fast and peace of mind

• Shopping within APP:
Easy to shop at any time, anywhere. Exclusive merchandise, value-added activities are more favorable

• Multiple payments:
Credit card, ATM transfer, super-payment, store payment, multi-payment (Line Pay..., etc.) Easy to pay safely and conveniently

• VIP rating:
Check your VIP status at Tellus, HOLA and Le, and exclusive gifts and offers

• Preferential management:
Don't want to miss the offer and worry about being overwhelmed by the message? do not worry! According to your instructions, we only say what you want to know!

• Tickets accompany:
One-click to browse all the special offers and gift coupons that are exclusive to you, no longer afraid to lose or forget to bring, you can use

• Bonus inquiry:
I don't know how many bonus points are there? I don't know how to use points? I will know at a glance!

• Barcode scanner:
Scan for more product information, specifications, features and other details

• Easy collection of favorite products:
Add your favorite items to your own collection list, kitchen, living room... Sort your own products! It is also a good time to shop at the store!

• One-click sharing:
Want to share your heart with friends and family? Collection lists and products can be shared with one click!

• Store inquiry:
Easily find the nearest store and contact information

• Consumption inquiry:
Immediately grasp the consumption record, order status, point redemption list, etc.

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