Cute Connection - Forest buddy

Cute Connection - Forest buddy

1.0 by TDGAME


The forest buddys have crossed the planet, scattered in the grid, connect to help them find their companions. When all the squares are used, you can pass the game smoothly. Super cute forest pets: cute puppies, naughty rabbits, foxes with bangs, and curious little penguins. So cute that you can't put it down.
The new connected puzzle casual game, from simple to particularly challenging, suitable for children and adults, from novices to masters.

Game features:
1. Super cute pets, smooth animations, and beautiful special effects;
2. Free to download and play without internet;
3. Creative design, easy and fun;
4. Numerous levels, from simple to challenging;
5. Suitable for children and adults;

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Google play
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2021-06-03 18:52:40
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