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Imagine your next trip to the mountain, the seaside or any random destination.

Trail Explorer

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Trail Explorer Android app
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Update DateNov 24, 2022
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Trail Explorer is a platform to explore your environment and plan your future trips to the mountain, the seaside, the river, or any random destination on the map.

Our mobile app lets you draw fancy trails, check places of interest, get detailed distance and elevation statistics, search, save and visualize popular trail itineraries, read news or the weather for any point on the map to help you plan your next adventure and stay safe even in barely traveled destinations.

A genuine trekking intelligence, Trail Explorer makes it a breeze to compare locations, hiking routes, or terrain profiles. For any point on the map, we do our best to find nearby trails, peaks, geo formations, places to stay, eat, drink or visit, taking care of detail and relevancy.

You will find it practical to preview and keep track of distance/elevation statistics, together with charts of expected terrain shape for any potential trekking itinerary, spanning popular walking routes and barely traveled spots around the globe.

Trail Explorer will help you choose among alternative routes to reach your preferred destination, get a feel of required effort, and prepare to devise resources. While you try to discover the optimal trail itinerary, we work to keep you informed of all aspects of your travel experience.

Our tools will prepare you to better explore your environment, and build awareness of the terrain, the level of difficulty, time, and gear required to reach your next objective. We compile information from a multitude of data sources to help you anticipate and plan a safer and more enjoyable experience.

In addition, we provide detailed weather forecasts across all geographic coordinates, as well as an extensive selection of news and stories to keep you informed and engaged throughout your journey.

Some noteworthy features:

- a variety of maps, designed for hiking, cycling, and climbing to explore all aspects of your surrounding or build knowledge of the context of unpopular destinations

- a unique tool to draw, save, and visualize any kind of trekking, travel, cycling, running, or walking itinerary on the map and calculate detailed route statistics, distances, and elevation profiles

- search, visualization, and bulk-save of all popular trail itineraries around your destination of interest. See local trails on all maps with your preferred colors for enhanced visibility and contrast

- easy snapshot of any target location: trails available together with length and names of popular trails, major peaks, and geographic POIs with respective elevation and distance statistics

- details for local points of interest, places to stay, eat or drink, and tourist attractions to help you plan your journey and keep you safe and prepared in any environment

- hourly and daily weather forecast for any location on the map

- an extensive selection of news across 20 categories, including trekking, high mountains, climbing, biking, extreme sports, sailing/boating, adventure, and many more

We are still experimenting with many features and rapidly introducing new ones. We would appreciate your cooperation, insightful comments, and helpful suggestions.

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