Go down the mountain to play in the free time, encounter the fox demon begging to take in, bring it back to the mountain for diligent practice, the fox demon's aura is greatly improved, and the beauties come to accompany you.



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Leisure days in the mountains, when going down the mountain to play. Hey, why is there a little fox lying on my feet? The little fox looks pretty smart and cute, so take it back to the mountain and train it! As for whether it is an adult or a mediocre, it all depends on its own destiny~

[Occasionally encounter the fox demon begging to take it in]
Since ancient times, fox monsters have many forms, and little foxes have different aptitudes. There are many kinds of foxes. Red fox, gray fox, quiet fox and the rumored holy fox are waiting for you to bring them home.
[Want to practice diligently for transformation]
The little fox is here for the first time, so let's practice in the mountains first. Bathing, reading, learning skills, being familiar with family rules, and practicing diligently can be transformed into human beings.
[Advanced Nine-tailed Beauty]
You can advance to a certain level of fox demon cultivation, and you can complete the transformation to nine tails. Come and look forward to the moment when your fox demon becomes a beauty.
【Traveling around the world and knowing customs】
Transformed into a human, first met the world, you still need to go to the world for some experience in order to become a qualified fox pet. The world is so complicated, what will happen to the fox demon who just transformed into form, and can it turn into auspicious circumstances?
[Where is the love in the past life]
Unlocking love, what kind of bond do you have with the fox demon in the past life? Why meet again in this life? Love, hate, and hatred, there is a lot of fog, waiting for you to announce.

Come and adopt your fox demon and start your bond life with the fox demon!

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