Driving GPS Route Finder

Driving GPS Route Finder

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GPS Driving Route Finder enables you to browse any locations of different countries, cities around the world. Application have the facility of finding shortest path, your current location, path between two location. This application uses Global Positioning System for tracking.

Simply select your origin/source location from where you will start the travel and destination location to travel from Google MAPS with a very user friendly interface. You can choose the location by typing the place name or by selecting from Google Maps Location.

Once both of the locations are selected, Hit find distance and have the distance and travel time on your device screen, You can also view the sub-routes, turns, roads with their distance and travel times.

To start the journey right now just hit the Navigation button and follow the navigations, you can also start the navigation for sub-routes any time and no need to start the search again.

Driving Route Finder and Navigation takes advantage of GPS & Mobile Network to get your physical position on Earth, and obtains location information using Google Map and GPS locator.

GPS Route Finder allows user to find Restaurants, ATMS, Hotels, Bank, Schools, University Post office, Cafe and Police station etc.

This Route Finder is a time saving app most effective and efficient.

Route navigations allows users to navigate destinations via directions and search maps using a number of different methods in a easy way.

Make sure the GPS & mobile network is connected before you use this GPS Route Address Tracker features.

Features of "Driving GPS Route Finder":

1. Find Distance between two locations
2. Have the travel time between two places.
3. Easy Navigation guide.
4. Your present location in Google MAPS
5. All the sub-routes/sub-paths between two places.
6. Listing of each Turns and their distances.
7. One tap Starting Navigation for travel.
8. Navigation guide between sub-routes.

Driving Route Finder is fully free to use, download now and enjoy the service.

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