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Critical CSGO Match Online

Legendary sections, all of the maps you love to play are in this game.

Critical CSGO Match Online

Critical CSGO Match Online APK

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Critical CSGO Match Online
This app developed byASY117
Update DateMay 11, 2022
Package Namecounter.strikenew.fireworld
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Legendary sections, all of the maps you love to play are in this game. If you wish, you can play the game with bots and without internet.

Counter Terrorist Strike Shoot War is a first-person shooter that all players love. It is the best of latest shooting action games. Choose to install this game if you want to fight in real battlefield and modern warfare style.

Counter Terrorist Strike Shoot Features:
- There are 20 different types of heavy machine guns, pistols, pumps and rifles.
- Features such as sound grenade, throwing grenades are included.
- 10 Different custom game maps and levels
- 2 different teams Terrorist vs Counter
- C4 bomb setting

How to Play the Game?
- First of all, you need to enter your player name from the top left at the first entrance to the game.
- Then you can enter a more understandable way by choosing a language.
- If you want to set up a new game, click the set up new room button.
- If you want to log into any room, you can select rooms from the server section
- When you enter the game, there will be buttons for you to choose a team, you can choose the team you want and start the game.
- After a certain second when the game starts, the market text will appear for you to buy weapons. Here you can buy weapons and bombs worth your money.
- If other players die while 2 teams are playing, they have to wait for the continuing players. You can ensure that the game is repeated faster by notifying the player from the chat section of the area where the enemy is from the camera section.

Counter Game Strike Android where the terrorist teams are fighting to carry out a terrorist act, while the anti-terrorist teams try to prevent the bombing from Military Tank and Helicopter and rescue the hostage.

If you want other popular maps to be added to our Counter Terrorist Strike Shoot War game, you can support by giving 5 stars immediately. Good games!

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