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Bouncy Cube

Bouncy cube is a new kind of bouncing tap Arcade game that is really fun and addicting to play. In the game, all you got to do is help the Cube bounce higher and higher by touching on the left or right side of the screen to control your little Cube. Beware, there are deadly spikey tiles coming your way, if you bounce and step on it, the game is over!

Bouncy Cube is a free, dynamic, and irresistibly cool cube bouncing game. There are tons of different challenges in the game, so you need to be keen enough to surpass through the game. Push your decision making skills to the limit as you bounce, fly and flip your way through dangerous passages and spiky obstacles. Bouncy Cube is in short, a simple one-touch game that will keep you busy for hours as you play, and test yourself to play till the end of the game.

• Simple and highly intuitive gameplay
• Bouncy Cube will challenge your quick thinking and reflexes as it is an endless bouncing cube quick-to-play game
• Different spike obstacles to keep you hooked up during the game
• Earn more points as you bounce higher and higher in the sky
• Really addictive and engaging game
• You can turn the app music on an off as you please
• One-touch control scheme
• Three lives given to you to play the game, if all three gone, the game is over
• Free creative arcade game that increases your alertness
• Suitable for all ages
• Endless gameplay, stay alive as long as you can to reach highest score
• No internet required while playing
• No time limit while playing the game

Bouncy Cube is on a mission! He needs to save his life, and that can only be done while you tap, hop and bounce as high as you can while dodging spikey obstacles along the way. The endless jump tap bounce requires thoughtful moves, immense precision, and fast reaction. To be concise, it’s fast, it’s striking and really addictive.

So wait no more, download the Bouncy Cube game on your smartphones right now, and indulge yourselves in a world of fun bouncing and jumping cube.

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